Five tips for buying cheap airline tickets

25 Ноябрь, 2013


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3. Play smart

Use aggregatorwebsites, providing an opportunity to compare the prices of air travel from different airlines. They will help you in your quest to find the best deal, for example, , who has been launched such a feature this year, Predicts, will airfare prices rise or fall on different routes. Other aggregator sites are: and .

Look at all your options. If in that area, you want to visit there are several different airports, check them all. In the case of, If there is one of the smaller airports, it's usually cheaper to fly there.. The same goes for diversification of routes – Sometimes, if you choose a longer route with a painful stopover, you can end up getting a financial reward.

If you are not committed to using a particular airline, then browse all the different airline companies, which you can choose. You can sacrifice comfort or some services, to save some extra cash.

Besides, Many frequent travelers try to remove cookies from their internet browsers. When this, When you return to the airline's website, may change for the better airfare scarcity.

4. Choosing a seat



Not all places are equal.

When you fly with your comrades, you can't see all the seat options, Because airlines, Usually, show you the lowest ticket prices, available to the whole group. This means, A what, For example, what if you're flying in a group of five, you'll never see cheap places on $ 100, because it can only be two left, which is clearly not enough for the whole group. Instead, you can be shown five places $ 200 For all.

To get around this problem, make sure, that there are enough seats on the plane for the whole group. Then go back to search for one ticket at a time, so you'll be able to get two tickets $ 100 and three tickets $ 200, not all five by $ 200.

5. Reveal hidden payments

Убедитесь, what do you know about additional fees, such as, for the choice of location, for baggage insurance or snacks on board. Come prepared in advance.

And if you only find out when the plane is coming to land – you did it wrong.

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