The secrets of flight attendants: How to protect yourself in the journey, Part 2

2 December, 2013


We continue to hear tips on what size you prefer Sarah stewardesses, how not to get caught by hotel thieves or robbers, and what more needs to be done, to rule out unpleasant situations, who sometimes lie in wait for a tourist, especially the one travelling alone

But, however, and men will be not superfluous to read her advice.

In the first part of the article we've already issued two of Sarah's top secrets., then we continue to issue the other five.

3. Be careful.

If someone knocks on your door, Don't open it, if you're not expecting someone, For example, if you didn't order room service. If you have any doubts, Then call the front desk.

4. Create more noise.

When you are out and near the room, Leave your TV on – it will deter thieves.



5. Write it down.

Put a note on the table detailing yourself and your plans – it can help the police, In the case of, If something happens to you.

6. Use a bolt.

Kegle says: «I used to go to sleepy people sometimes., because the hotel accidentally gave me the key to an already occupied room.. It will also prevent your household from being asked to invade, while you're in the shower, if you forget to hang the sign "Do not disturb".

7. Find out where the nearest exit is.

Leave the flashlight and the room key on the floor near the door, Because, that in the event of a fire, You'll be able to capture them on the way out. If you encounter thick smoke in the hallway, you should go back to your room and call for help.

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