That, What really happens in car rentals

19 February, 2014


Can I ride you on my stolen rental car?

Everyone has heard the usual horror stories about rolling cars – fact people with insurance, dodgy claims for damages and cars, not ready when trying to pick them up… Of course, in this not so much happens to blame rental company, How many clients, doing the wrong things and not recognizing it.

You, surely, seen pictures of cars, who were caught in the ocean or fell off a cliff, because «GPS told me to go down this path», or, Could be, you've heard of some weird and questionable things, left in the car upon return.

Working in the industry, I've heard a lot of these tales myself., but i would like to know more. And I went., to find out, the strangest, juicy and just completely crazy stuff, which take place at the rental office, so I interviewed customers and employees of various car rental agencies for my fairy tales. (on condition of anonymity, Of course)!



What can only often be found from the world of wildlife in a car, whether rented or otherwise obtained. Ants, Spiders, cockroaches and frogs, all this living creatures, кажется, is regularly in the cabin of the car, especially in such a country, like ours (we are talking about Australia).

One rental agent was furious with a client., complained about it, that she found a snake in her car. She was given another car and all the staff searched the whole car in detail., inside and outside, to try to find the snake. They couldn't find anything., and put the car back in place, and she went on loan again.. After about two weeks, (After that, how three or four other clients rented the same car) there was a terrible scream., coming from a maintenance officer, who really came close to the snake, slipped out of the chassis.

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