Топ-10 потрясающих мест в Европе: Орвието, Italy

7 Ноябрь, 2013


Орвието, Italy.

Absolutely essential for anyone visiting central Italy, visit this tiny village, dangerously located on top of a rocky plateau in the Umbria region (better known as Tuscany).

This is the real Italy for me., with village paths, paved roads, beautiful buildings and earthy color by old Italian grandmothers with a characteristic sound pinching the cheeks of their grandchildren. I can honestly say, that it is one of my favorite places in all of Europe.

The village is accessible thanks to the funicular at the train station and once in the beginning you get on it, and then you can easily walk around the city all day, observing amazing views of the surrounding countryside, dominated by vineyards, fruit plantations, ancient churches and monasteries.

Орвието. Photo: Hsivonen, Flickr.

There is also quite an impressive 14-century cathedral and several underground tunnels, transitions, galleries and cellars, deep into the rock under the city and known as «Underground City».




Due to the extremely respectable middle age «dry residents» Orvieto  (everything is really, really old) there are a number of external defibrillators (like phone booths), provided for emergencies and located throughout the village. Some will say, that they are needed only because of necessity, arising in connection with the fading of the heart, when you look at the city and the stunning surrounding landscape.

Council: Orvieto is easily accessible from Rome, only about two hours by high-speed train.

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