Abandoned Places, left by people

13 December, 2013


Ten abandoned places and why they were abandoned.

Колманскоп / Kolmanskop. Photo: Sjorford.

The ancient village. Hotel «haunted». The once bustling island.

Have you ever wondered, why some places were left abandoned, some in ruins, and other well preserved?

Here's 10 abandoned places and real causes, Why are they deserted, from the list of, prepared with our MentalFloss.com comments.

In pictures: Amazing ghost towns.

1. Колманскоп / Kolmanskop, Namibia

Kolmanskop. Photo: Kalliopendzhen1, Фликр.

If you want to visit this abandoned mining town in the Namib desert, you will need to, to stay in the nearest village to Luderitz to him obtaining a permit – a relic of those times, When Kolmanskop was free for all diamond hunters. In 1920-ies the city was during its heyday, but it refused to 1956 Year, When a rich diamond deposits have been found in other places. It has since been partially restored.




2. Michigan central station, Detroit

Michigan central station, Detroit. Photo: Jeremy Vlekesli, Wikicommons

Detroit was vibrant in the early 1990 's, full factory jobs, and is known for its impressive interior design. However,, the rail industry has fallen into decay, instead of zhelenyh roads were built and roads became subsidised long-distance air transport. Finally from the zheleznodorozhnoo message refused in 1988 G., the last train, was room 353. Since then, the station transformed into ruins.


3. Abandoned military hospital in Bielitz / Beelitz, Germany

In bielitz / Beelitz. Photo: Miss Jasmin ...

The military hospital was built in 1898 year to accommodate tuberculosis patients, and Adolf Hitler regained its health after being wounded in 1916 in the battle of the Somme. In 1920 It was a bustling hospital, but after the second world war the Soviet Union took control in Bielitz-Hejlstaten / Beelitz-Heilstätten and used it for the treatment of Soviet soldiers, stationed in the area. As soon as they come out in 1994 He left blank.


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