The golden rules of conduct during flight

12 February, 2014


You don't want to get a reaction, as this!

Armrest Crusher. Slow movers. People, that go grab your place, careening past…

The flight is quite painful due to those, who violates not written rules for air transport.

So here are the first four rules of conduct during flight, in accordance with Erica Golden, traveller and editor of the website "golden rules of travelers», that represents the guidelines of etiquette for passengers.

Rule No. 1: Do not try to grab their place, When you go down the aisle cabin, pushing all and bouncing – This will not give you good neighbors, and will make of you a bumper car.

When it comes to preferences, where to sit, I try to sit closer to passage. Some of you prefer seats near the window. I personally don't know anyone, Who, prefers aisle seats closest to the, but I definitely choose pass.



So, that I got used to that, somebody accidentally SUNET bag me right in the face, When boarding the plane, and what is actually to be expected. All airplanes (and especially, on regional flights), host Alice in Wonderland «like me», кажется, made smaller and smaller with each passing day, and people sometimes underestimate their total width and face sitting in their seats.

However, and when the plane is at cruising altitude, citizens continue to crash into places other people. In fact, Here's the only situation, When this happens and which are acceptable:

• Turbulence (obviously)
• Pregnancy (pregnant women cannot really evaluate your own size – He mostly grows all the time)
• Age (I don't give a specific age, But if you did 192 Million. steps in your life, you would have started a little stumble)

You can see, that list is very short. Intentionally short, to prove my point, cuts and bruises, received from those, who goes down the aisle due to clashes can be prevented, If the main mass of us just make a small emphasis on safety and care. If you need sbalansirovatsja, While you're walking down the aisle, slow down tempo, and then gently hold for a seat for a moment, but not over the top, because it will pull the seat a man down.

Usually, just enough not to act, as bumper car.

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