10 best budget hotels according to the "Lonely Planet" at the 2014 year

1 March, 2014


An amazing and unique journey doesn't always require unlimited budgets. These wonderful locations worldwide offer comfort, the charm and excellent service, but they all have a cost to 100 United States $ per night, and in many of them there are beds in hostels for only a few dollars.

Here are the top 10 wallet-friendly hotels and hostels in 2014 года по версии туристического издания «Одинокая Планета»:

1. Отель Бэкпак (Рюкзак) / The Backpack, Cape Town, South Africa

2. Йха в Гавани Сиднея / Sydney Harbour YHA , Sydney , Australia

3. Инкасона Лоджи / Inkosana Lodge , Долина шампанского, Дракенсберг, South Africa

4. Гостевой дом Старый Пловдив, Пловдив, Болгария

5. Гостевой дом Грюнер Баум / Gasthof Grüner Baum, Глоренза, Южный Тироль, Италия

6. Озтел / Oztel , Рио-де-Жанейро Бразилия

7. Фаузи Азар Инн, Назарет, Израиль


8. Наш дизайн Хостел / We Hostel Design, Сан-Паулу , Brazil

9. Гостиница Отель Хостел / Hotel Hotel Hostel, Сиэтл , USA

10. Hotel «On The Corner», Kolomyia, Ukraine

We will dwell on the old Plovdiv Guest House in Bulgaria. This is of course a bit wrong , of summer, many vacationers from Russia, but this is exactly the kind of Bulgaria to which is stremitmsja according to the "Lonely Planet". So what she's so remarkable? Here's, that journalists write the famous Publishing House.

"Whether relishing a leisurely breakfast in the dappled shade of beams that shine through the bright verdure Sun, in the courtyard or lazy reading a book lying on the antique beds, Guest House Old Plovdiv / Old Plovdiv Guesthouse exudes old world charm. This beautifully renovated boutique hostel is located in the heart of the paint and stone cobbled old town Plovdiv. Private and shared rooms, all decorated with perfectly selected antiques, and lovingly decorated in pastel shades ranging from Orange to blue ".

Spend the night in the most authentic Plovdiv hostel.

The whole hotel – It is attached with love work owner Hristo Guileva and his wife, that saved it from dilapidation. Today it is easy, and wonderful beyond recognition, as folk museums, scattered here and there, around the old town of Plovdiv. And the entire staff welcomes visitors as relatives.

Old Plovdiv, Болгария.

«Barely ten minutes after arrival, as I sat for hot tea and a basket of fish, under the accompaniment of the guitar master, which immediately tuned me on thoughts about traveling around the city. Greeting, I received this guesthouse has had on me is strongly influenced, that I immediately fell in love with this wonderful city», the journalist writes publications, Anita Isalka.


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