10 best budget hotels according to the "Lonely Planet": "On the corner", Kolomyia, Ukraine

6 Март, 2014


"On the corner", Kolomyia, Ukraine.

Feel, The original family architectural style of the Carpathian boarding house. Image courtesy of the boarding house "On the Corner".

The owners of five-star palaces in Ukraine have been racking their brains in bewilderment for several years. What is the reason? Well, they just can't understand, as a modest, family-run guest house in a provincial town in the foothills of the Carpathians can persistently be assessed as the best place in Ukraine, and remain so.



The answer is simple - go to the boarding house "On the Corner", which is under the jurisdiction of Vitaliy Pavlyuk, his mother and several uncles, cousins and so on, And you'll feel like this, As if you are one of the members of this family, that you've known for years. Some of Eastern Europe's most mouth-watering homemade dishes, An amazing range of services, tours with incredibly experienced guides and an atmosphere of authentic Carpathian hospitality make this place, absolutely, The best base for studying the cultural canvas of the region. And when you come back in the evening, You are guaranteed colorful stories and exchanges at a common long dining table with a flock of cackling travelers.

«I arrived at the "On the Corner" on the eve of that moment, When the American ambassador was supposed to visit him – he had heard so much about the place from Peace Corps volunteers, raving about this place, that I decided to come and check everything myself!» – Marc di Duca.

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