10 the best eco-hotels «Lonely Planet»: Russia, Bajkaler eco-hostel

10 Март, 2014


Bajkaler eco-hostel, Listvyanka, Siberia, Russia

Siberian Bajkaler environmentally friendly eco-hostel (Recommended By Lonely Planet!)

Russia is not exactly famous for its eco-friendliness, but in a purpose-built hostel on the shores of Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia, a trend many time zones has been fixed. Enlightened owner, own Mister Hostel» on Lake Baikal – Zhenya (Jack) Sheremetov realized, that he had to come up with something special, additional and special, to compete with many other boarding houses of wood in listvyanka. And he achieved this by creating a green haven complete with solar heated water, Triple insulation, That, that electricity is generated partly by solar panels, and energy-saving lighting and all electrical devices.



Much of this eco-magic was shipped from China at a fairly high cost, but the result was the most environmentally friendly housing in Russia. It's the perfect place., to recover from a close, stuffy train ride with sleeping cars on the Trans-Siberian Railway and feel particularly good, from consciousness, that you don't damage Siberia's virgin ecosystem in almost all.

«Friendly staff, the smell of fresh wood in a fairly simple style-equipped Siberian house, in a warm and cozy atmosphere of complete appeasement, detachment from the bustle of the city and the whole complete calm -- all this I felt, delving a million miles into the post-Soviet space in the first Siberian eco-club» – Marc di Duca.

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