10 best eco hotels of the "Lonely Planet" on the 2014 Year

10 Март, 2014


"We have asked the authors of Lonely Planet authors and editors tours put forward ideas the most outstanding eco-friendly hotels and hostels. From the incredible multitude of green homes around the world, our team of experts has selected 10 the best. So if you want to, make your next trip, had a positive impact on you, our descriptions lodge in the desert with solar panels, no doubt, you inspire» (the Editorial Office of "Lonely Planet / Lonely Planet»).



1. Lapa Rios, Peninsula de Osa, Costa Rica
2. Bulungula, reserve Dvesa, South Africa
3. Chole Mzhini, Chole Island, Mafia archipelago, Tanzania
4. Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo hotel, Aguascalientes, Peru
5. Eco Lodge Chepu, Chiloe, Chile
6.Mason Jenglejz, Taroudant, Марокко
7. Earth's korabls, TAOs, New Mexico, United States
8. Guest House Dana, The Imperial Path, Jordan
9. Zeros Parb, Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea
10. Bajkaler eco-hostel, Listvyanka, Siberia, Russia

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