10 the most romantic cities in the world, part 2

1 May, 2014


Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy is a paradise for lovers.

3. «Revival, romance and wine» – Florence, Italy

Italy – it's such a country, which is all filled with romance and love (Amore), but Florence is at the top of the list of the most romantic cities in the world, guaranteeing you the novelty of the senses, romance and endless wondrous wines. Take a look at the world's best artwork, get lost in the city's historic streets, or book a trip to the countryside of Tuscany. Boboli Gardens, filled with pink roses are one of the most delightful places for that, to whisper words of love in your beloved's ear with tenderness.

4. «Romantic traditions» – Kyoto, Japan

A beautiful view of the evening Kyoto, Japan.

Traditional and elegant baths in Kyoto spa hotels guarantee you a sensual, Romantic journey. Once your spa needs are met, Take a day trip to Naru, to get in touch with nature, or visit the Kyoto Botanical Garden, a beautiful place to walk.

5. «Romantic explosion» – Bruges, Belgium

The famous Belgian city of Bruges offers a fabulous backdrop for romance.



Bruges can turn anyone into romance. Stroll through the streets with buildings with golden domes, Sit at a table in a cozy cafe, or take a carriage and drive around the city for a full romantic experience. If possible, it is best to visit even more romantic Bruges during the Christmas period, when it turns into a winter wonderland.


Continuation follows ... (More 5 the most romantic cities on Earth).
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