10 the most romantic cities in the world, part 3

6 May, 2014


6. "Beautiful and exotic» – FES, Марокко

Enjoy views of the Moroccan city of Fez.

It is very easy to be seduced by this beautiful and exotic spot, as a residence in the city of Fez, Марокко. Ancient city-fortress is famous for the exquisite tea gardens and the magnificent mosaic mosques, sensual spices and stunning sights. This is the perfect backdrop for a Romantic travel. 5 star Hotel Sofitel Palace Jamae / Sofitel Palais Jamai has one of the most spectacular species, and adapted to a romantic vacation.

7. "Passion in pink – Jaipur, India

In the so-called "Pink City" There are many attractions in Jaipur, views which you can enjoy with your beloved.



Jaipur in India call «Pink City» – He is an unusually romantic and flaunts majestic palaces and serene temples architecture. Ride on an elephant through a dazzling Street, filled with color and exotics, We are confident, ignite your passion. Next from the city centre to the Bazaar, gorgeous jewelry and decorative costumes for belly dancing will be a perfect souvenir.


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