12 not worth the attention of tourist attractions, Part 4

25 October, 2013


Forbidden City, Beijing, China.

The forbidden city in Beijing

Journey to the forbidden city in Beijing, involves a long queue movement through a series of gates and facilities.

You'll feel like a segment of the infinite human centipedes and, Once you find yourself on the other end of the, you will long reflect on the, that you actually saw?

Ancient Sparta

Nothing remains of the legendary Spartans.

Remember the movie "300 Spartans", of the legendary Spartan army when the only 300 men, stood up to death against a huge Persian army headed by Kserks in 480 century a.d.?

The remains of the famous military battles on the Acropolis above the city, that bears his name not much more, than a pile of rubble lying above the heavily looted amphitheatre ..



Not much more, than on the construction site of the mansion, It includes broken ends of two poles and some sections around the Orange Ribbon.

Yes, Sparta is not absolutely nothing significant.

The Spanish Steps in Rome

Keep an eye out for thieves: Tourists on the staircase of Trinità dei Monti, better known as the Spanish steps.

Rome has so many places, that is really worth a visit, and it's just a shame, spend too much valuable time on a pretty regular ladder.

Neither The Pantheon, Neither the Coliseum, even the Temple of St. Peter do not compensate you spoilt mood due to the stairs, that many remember only because, It was a tourist stop, they have lost their passports and wallet, efforts by local thieves.

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