12 the major tourist attractions, are not worth your attention

22 October, 2013


Let this city about 45 Minutes: If you don't like to lose money, Vegas Flash is erased from memory quickly.

Las Vegas

Upon arrival, you are blinding neon lights and the eye catches a wonderful replica of Venice, New York and the Eiffel Tower.
All of this takes about 30 Minutes, and then you realize, This city is a theme park with a not very long street, on which the warp travel flock, ducking off the street, in casinos or slot machines, to lose your money, or back in their huge, tasteless Hotel graze on buffet.
If you don't like gambling and once the novelty of your home with an individual theme you get bored, as the pyramid of Luxor, You can hop in a taxi and say, What do you want to go to the mountains. When a taxi driver in Las Vegas, heard my request, He told me, that I was the first and «the only one of its kind». Fact, that Gore is not there. Vegas is in the desert.

One large billboard: Times square with one of its regular attractions - Naked Cowboy. Photo: Mary Altaffer

Times Square, New York



About 20 years ago, New York Mayor decided to clean up times square, Which one, Despite the annual new year celebration, was a haven for beggars and thieves.
He was able to do it well.
Times Square today is one big Board, beside the heavily promoted show on Broadway, but he is far from the real charm of Manhattan, with centers in East Village, Chelsea, and the famous Epicures in the Big Apple, or in Central Park.
The famous «energy» New York City's Times Square was originally with the curiosity of all perceived, but this idea imposed so long, that managed to almost completely dry out.


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