12 major tourist myths, you can skip

19 October, 2013


Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt. Photo: Melissa Matheson.

Author: Кэндис Саттон / Candice Sutton


The pyramids and Stonehenge are too small, ancient Sparta, similar to a construction site?

Your must-travel list includes World Heritage Sites and you «a must see» places like Las Vegas and Times Square?

Since childhood, you dream of going to the Forbidden City in Beijing or niagara Falls?

Perhaps, you'll want to reconsider the priority of your tourist destinations, because I'm here, to tell you, I've been to all these places, and they all suck..

Here's a handy guide to traveling to places, which you can safely skip and save your money and time for really stunning places.

Too small: not such a great pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt. Photo: Melissa Matheson.

Pyramid, Giza, Egypt

You looked at the photos of the pyramids and dreamed of going there?



Me too, but on the day I arrived in the sands of Giza, my heart dropped.

The pyramids were large., but not huge.

Those photographers, who presented them to you in the photo, as if hovering over the Egyptian desert, had to lie on their backs.

Well, Ok, they are just under 140 meters high, but it is equal to the least height, any first fell for its handwoven carpets, Although it is certainly worth the tremendous effort, considering, that the pyramids were built around 4600 years ago.

They are the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World and were the tallest buildings for their first 3800 Years.

But roughly through 40 Minutes, quickly inspecting the Sphinx and riding a camel (warning: only pay the driver half the amount first, otherwise it will require you to double charge, to return to base), I was ready to return.

You do not at all desire to be able to spend more on them, and I would prefer better-seed pyramids in my old journals Neyshional Geographic.

Editor's Note: This article is a translation of an article the journalist Candace Sutton / Candice Sutton and is a reflection of the point of view of this author, which is quite controversial and many items may not coincide with ideas of editorial of the website australia-tour.info.



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