Australian tourists were evacuated from Vanuatu after arson

13 Август, 2015


Вануату - острова в Меланезии.

Poteryannyj Raj ... Australian tourists were taken by surprise after the worst arson at a resort in Vanuatu.

Australian tourists were evacuated from a resort in Vanauatu / Vanauatu (Pacific Islands archipelago New Hebrides in Melanesia) After the horrendous attacks and arson.

21 A man of holidaymakers was forced to leave their rooms on the island of Tanna after being, as they were pelted with Molotov cocktails and their vehicles were also set on fire.

Resort owner Hugh Lowe told Radio New York, that a group of young men had been bothering him for months and he had suffered damages worth upwards of $ 2 Million. as a result of a number of arson attacks.

Вануату - потерянный рай.

The owner of the resort said, that the attack could have resulted in the death of tourists.



Hugh Lowe said, that the trouble started after, how the bandits demanded money from him, and when he refused, they savagely mutilated transport, owned by a Chinese construction firm and set fire to five bungalows.

The band returned this week «Shut down», forcing him to evacuate Australian tourists to port Vila capital for safety reasons.

«It was a bolt from the blue, and at night could easily lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. Our resort was full again. I didn't leave the resort., but now forced to leave, because there's no point trying to protect your property, when I'm pretty sure, that life is at stake», said Mr. Lowe.

Vanuatu Deputy Prime Minister Moana Tushi said, that the police are investigating assaults. He also said, that Australia was Vanuatu's biggest tourist market and the government wouldn't stand by, After that, how Australian tourists were harassed.

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