A long-term plan to save great barrier reef includes a ban on excavators earthmoving, Part 2

5 Апрель, 2015


The Great Barrier Reef. Photo: John William Banagan.

UNDER THREAT: The UNESCO World Heritage Committee postponed a decision on the status of the reef last year and is due to adopt a draft resolution in May before the final conference in June.

The Queensland Natural Resources Board said, that the Reef 2050 Plan for Long-Term Stabilization was a landmark event for joint efforts to protect reef health for many decades.

However, Greenpeace called the Plan frankly weak., because significant port expansion is still allowed, engaged in coal transshipment and, that the plan is unlikely to cope with climate change, in spite of the fact, that the government's own research proves, that this is the number one threat.

Shadow Cabinet Environment Minister Mark Butler said, that the plan was a huge step forward on the project thanks to the intervention of the new State Labour Government.



He said,, That Labour welcomes commitments to improve water quality, but against that, that the government delegate environmental protection authority to local authorities.

«The Labour Party considers, that the protection of the Great Barrier Reef should be the responsibility of the national government», he said in a statement..

Queensland Green Party representative, Senator Larisa Vaters stated, that the plan won't stop the threat, That, that the reef becomes a super highway for ships with coal.

And, in spite of the fact, that selection $ 100 Million, to stop the run-off is welcome, Nevertheless,, she said, that this is far from enough.

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