The ancient ruined city, which remain a mystery

17 Сентябрь, 2013


The ancient ruins of Palenque

Wall Rushashhiesja.   breathtaking temples.   Mysterious city, built under the ground.

They are amazing achievements in architecture, that have been abandoned for centuries.

But despite the fact, they are in ruins, the most ancient and intriguing city of peace still attract to travelers.

From the popular Machu Picchu in Peru, to the ruins of Pompeii and the lesser-known Derinka / Derinkuyu in Turkey or Greater zimbabwe, here are eight amazing ruined cities, which remain shrouded in mystery and cause bewilderment to this day.

One thing is for sure., The world is a charming place on the planet.



Palenque, Mexico

On top of the world in Palenque

One of the largest and best preserved Mayan cities – The palenque is full of temples, palaces and markets, which researchers believe, date roughly 600-900 a.d.   no one is sure, why the Mayan civilization was destroyed, and her big city, such as Palenque abandoned abandoned, but the main reasons historians believe war and hunger.   ruined city has been restored and is a popular destination for tourists.


Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe

The giant wall and the rich city of Greater zimbabwe was home to about 30000 man at his peak in 1200-1450 It was an important shopping mall., thanks mainly to the rich gold mines local.   technologically developed city has huge walls enclosing about 20 meters in height and, How to believe, served as a royal palace for the monarchs of zimbabwe., It's possible, contributed to his mysterious death.


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