The ancient ruined city – puzzles, Part 2

23 Сентябрь, 2013


Деринкую / Derinkuyu, Turkey

Derinkuyu – the largest and deepest city, consisting of 200 underground caves in the region of Cappadocia. This creepy place was home to about 20 000 person (plus cattle, church, school and kitchen). Residents dug tunnels and rooms under their homes in soft volcanic rocks.

The city has grown to 85 meters and 11 levels in depth. , that it dates back to the early Byzantine Empire, and already in the 7th-8th centuries there are mentions of it.

People fled to this area., to find protection from anti-Christian Romans and bandits, and later, from no rival antichrists.   huge stones were hacked entrances and ventilation holes of the caves and revenues there fresh air. This city was conserved at some point after the 10th century., but reopened in 1969 Year.

Gedi, Kenya

In the XIV century, the city of Gedi was a very prosperous and rich city.. This is evidenced by the buildings found by archaeologists among the local ruins - a grave and an ancient port. However, written evidence of the former greatness of the city unfortunately did not survive.



We only know, that for obvious reasons, do not leave the city residents at the end of the XVII century.

Now these places are overgrown violent African jungle and the city was chosen by thousands of monkeys and other apes. Tourists do not come here often, although there is something to see.

In addition to Gedi in Kenya there are a lot of interesting places for tourists – it and Safari tours in country parks and famous alpinist climbing Mount Kenya, as well as diving, snokling and simply relaxing bathing in coastal water of the Indian Ocean.




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