This traveler lucky to be alive

12 Сентябрь, 2013


Мало кто из туристов выжил и вернулся домой после такой редкой инфекции. Медики считают, что Кели заболела после поездки в аквапарк Арканзаса. 12-летняя девушка, которая выжила после редкой и часто фатальной инфекции, вызванной пожирающей мозг амебой, как ожидается, вскоре отправится домой после госпитализации с июля.

After a trip to a water park attractions in Arkansas this summer from Keli Hardig was diagnosed the destructive infection,  called the simplest ameboj called meningoencephalitis.

Total in United States between 1962 and 2012 years has been registered 128 such infections, According to the Centers for disease control and prevention. Before Keli doctors was known for only one event, When the man survived in the United States and one in Mexico.

During the press-conference, even Kelly acknowledged, that all the odds were against it. «I was lucky, что я жива», She said.

Врачи и родители согласились.

Медики считают, что Кели заболела после поездки в аквапарк, который расположен на озере, имеющем песчаное дно.



Пожирающая мозг амеба называется Naegleria fowleri и часто встречаются в теплых пресноводных водоемах, таких как озера, реки и горячие источники. Амеба обычно проникает в организм через нос, во время купания людей и подводного плавания. Затем он может попасть в мозг, вызывая менингоэнцефалит.

Initial symptoms usually begin within the first seven days and may include a headache, fever, nausea and vomiting. The disease rapidly progresses, and other symptoms manifest, such as a stiff neck, sputannosti consciousness, disequilibrium, convulsions and hallucinations.

In addition, infection destroys brain tissue and can cause swelling, and his death.

Doctors say, that the success of recovery Keli is largely due to the experimental treatment and early detection and diagnosis.

Kelly's mother sent her to the Arkansas Children's Hospital with a high fever 19 July. Doctors initially lowered the temperature of the body of the girl, to try to reduce the swelling, then they were able to defeat the infection with medication similar to those, are used in the treatment of breast cancer.

Since tests have shown no signs of parasites in its body, and she made notable progress. She has already moved from the unit on mechanical ventilation for proper breathing and relearn to speak, go and have a.




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