Best budget hotel Australia: Sydney Harbour Ja, Part 2

2 March, 2014


Sydney Harbour Ja / Sydney Harbour YHA, Sydney, Australia.

Ya in Sydney Harbour / Sydney Harbour YHA: Enjoy five-star views from the beautifully situated hostel in Sydney.

The second Australian hotel, for the first time in history in the list of the world's best version «Odninokoj Planet» became the Sydney Harbour Ja / Sydney Harbour YHA. He took second place in the category «budget but quality hotel».

Location, view, price, history, Friendly staff? It's hard to say for sure, that makes it one of the best hostels in the world, So, It is probably correct to say all.



The most important thing is of course the location of hostel, that is second to none. Narrow streets with pubs along them invite you to stop your walk and enjoy glimpses of the harbor. Beautiful views can also be enjoyed directly from most of the hostel's rooms, But it's better to go up to the roof terrace, which offers a stunning panorama of the city overlooking the 360 degrees, including the Opera House, the bridge and almost all the other main attractions.

And while nearby hotels charge large sums because of such a panorama, Ya / YHA will charge you what, Which is what you expect – from $ 45 per bed in a hostel. Plus friendly staff, calm, but practical décor, And there are even some ancient (by Sydney standards) Archaeological exhibits to study in the basement.

«For someone like me, interested in the history and appreciates a good view from the window, This place was the best. I got a room 214 (the best hostel) and, It's possible, happily spent their trip even just looking out the window», says Cliff Wilkinson.

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