Несмотря на возражения экологов Турция будет строить самый крупный в мире аэропорт

25 June, 2014


Задержка рейса в аэропорте Гекчен Сабиха, Стамбул, Турция.

Пассажиры ожидают задержанный рейс в аэропорте Гекчен Сабиха в Стамбуле.

«Экологическая война»

Но экологи обращают внимание на близость проекта к озеру Теркос / Terkos, одного из шести основных водоемов-источников питьевой воды для столичного Стамбула, которое обеспечивает 25 процентов спроса.

«We are not against, such projects, but the choice of location was not made so,» Baran said Bozoglu, Head of the Turkish Chamber of environmental engineers Wednesday.

«Construction would destroy vital basis and natural habitat of Istanbul Wednesday», сказал он.

«When we talk about water, the third airport to be able to provide us with water? This ecological disaster», сказал он.

A plan to build a third airport, When it was announced in May of last year, was greeted with anger by many groups.



This happened against the backdrop of mass protests, which began as local environmental campaign to save the Park of Istanbul from redevelopment and turned into a nationwide antigovernment movement.

The Government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has often been criticized for its ambitious construction plans for 16-million city, which also include the third bridge over the Bosphorus and creating a channel parallel international waterway, to relieve congestion.

When Erdogan was booming construction industry, but being investigated allegations of high-level bribery, associated with some construction projects.

The investigation revealed his involvement in the corruption of many members of the inner circle of Erdogan, including prominent businessmen and sons of Ministers, that is a serious problem for the 11-year period of rule premiere.

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