New unusual service Uber for $3000

23 May, 2019


Thanks to, that as the engine of submarine, which can accommodate two passengers and the pilot, uses the motor battery, It will not have a negative impact on the ecology of the reef. According to the representatives of company Uber, they will sacrifice earned on such travel funds to save a reef within the framework of the program "Citizens of the great barrier reef».

New ScUber takes you under water

In the past year alone the Uber announced his futuristic vision of liberation of slaughtered plugs roads, suffered by our great city.



The company announced, her ambitious program UberAIR can be tested in Australia to 2020 году, that means, passengers will be able to share short, cheap flights, using "flying cars" Uber to 2023 году.year

It is believed, that the future mode of transportation can dramatically reduce the journey time, eg, the two-hour trip by car in Sydney may be replaced by a traveling UberAIR for only 20 minute.

Being quite expensive, one-hour trip to open you the most incredible ScUber views.

New experience ScUber will operate Heron Island dates between 27 may- 3 June, and then with 9 by 18 June moved northwards to the reef Aginkur, off the coast of Port Douglas.

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