Hotel in Australia was named the best in the world

28 Ноябрь, 2014


Бутик-отель Saffire Freycinet сверху похож на рыбу. Тасмания.

Top Hotel Saffire is similar to fish, floating in the National Park.

The world's best boutique hotel in Australia.

Located on the Australian island of Tasmania, The Saffire Freycinet hotel was named best boutique hotel in the world at the Boutique Hotel Awards, which took place this month in London, and where the world's most prestigious tourism awards were presented. These awards are even secretly called the "Oscar of the travel industry".

Номер люкс отеля Saffire Freycinet, Тасмания.

One of the main suites of the Saffire Freycinet Hotel.



Saffire offers accommodation 20 Suites, each overlooking Great Oyster Bay on the coast and the mountains of the Hazards Mountains. The hotel is located in the Freycinet National Park, It was created in order, to show visitors the stunning surrounding natural habitat and offers the best of Tasmania's products and wines in its restaurant and cocktail lounge.

отель Saffire Freycinet

The restaurant uses only the freshest products Tasmania.

Mr. John Farrell, the Executive Director of the Federal group of Saffire, quoth, that this event was a dream come true for his family company.

«We wanted to show the world the best, what Tasmania has to offer. We wanted to, to make people fall in love with this very special place, the same way, like my parents and my whole family. This award shows, that we didn't just succeed, but this event surpassed even our wildest dreams», сказал он.

Вид из отеля Saffire Freycinet на Опасные Горы. Штат Тасмания, Австралия.

View on the Dangerous Mountain / The Hazards Mountains.

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