Правда о том, насколько безопасно летать

4 April, 2014


Насколько безопасно летать? Это вопрос у всех на устах прямо сейчас, especially in light of the disappearance of the aircraft of Malaysian Airlines MH370. So: насколько безопасно летать? The following are the latest statistics of the airlines, you just have to know.

International Air Transport Association (Iata) released staggering statistics on the safety of commercial aviation, which emphasizes, how incredibly rare on-board deaths are.

According to IATA data, more 3 billions of passengers traveled on 36 Million. flights to 2013 Year.

Within a year, 81 Accidents, resulting in the death of 210 Man, that's about half the size of, what was recorded in the 2012 Year (when it was 414 dead).

In this way, it turns out the figure 0,007 killed in the planes on 100 тыс. Pass. For comparison, гораздо опаснее ездить по дорогам Австралии – 5,2 deaths on 100 тыс. happened on the roads of the Green Continent in 2013 (total killed 1193 person for a year on the roads).

This means, what have you in 740 times more likely to die while driving on your country's roads, than in the sky.
According to IATA data it is also becoming safer to fly on African airlines, accidents which have halved compared to last year: в 2013 7.45 0LIg0L_QviDRgdGA0LDQstC90LXQvdC40Y4g0YE 0L0g0L_QvtC70LXRgtC a million flights compared to 14.8 inin012. 7,45 accidents per million flights compared to 14,8 в 2012 Year.

«We see progress in Africa», said Tony Tyler, IATA CEO and Chief Executive Officer. «But (Her) the overall rate is still many times worse, than at the global level, so there's still a lot of work to be done.»



Here are some of the most common causes of deaths on planes:

Aviation accidents on the runway

Accident, occurring when the aircraft departs or lands on the runway when landing or taking off, are the most common type of accidents, their number is 23 percentage of all accidents in the last five years (2009-2013). Still, probability of surviving such an accident is quite high, the number of fatalities is less than 8 percent of all cases over a five-year period.

Loss of control in the air

Although such accidents with loss of control in flight are quite rare, they are almost always catastrophic: they have to 95 percentage of passenger or crew deaths over the past five years. AT 2013 eight of these types of accidents happened last year, all fatal.

The impact of the terrain

Incident, which occur as a result of the loss of control of the flight due to the complexity of the terrain, it is also a matter of concern: six cases in 2013 Year. They are often associated with inaccurate landings.




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