Пять не распознанных мировых сокровищ: Хампи, India

26 Сентябрь, 2014


Хампи, Индия. Фото: Адам Джонс Источник: Flickr

Хампи, India. Photo: Adam Jones Source: Flickr

So, Let the crowds of tourists staring at you in the most famous in the world of wonders. In the less known places of World Heritage Fund, discussed below, and that are in the same countries-it is possible to travel and explore them without the crowds. And two white spots are still in the General list of Wheeler, He would like to visit.

It's true. Even the co-founder of Lonely Planet / Lonely Planet has not been in some mysterious places in India and Peru. Could be, You can visit there before him?

Some of these lesser-known places require a long trip on rough roads through the mountains by bus, while others are near luxury hotels. Regardless, which one you choose, you don't have to get there on foot.

Хампи, India

One of the most famous and admired monuments and examples of Indo-Islamic architecture in the world, The Taj Mahal is a marble mausoleum, built in 17 century the Mughal Emperor in memory of his beloved wife.



And here is the place, represents no less interest for any tourist, located in the South of India in Hampi, the last capital of the last Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagar. Located in a six-hour drive from Bangalore or Goa, Hampi was conquered by the Muslims, originally from the South of the Indian Deccan in 1565 and looted, and then was abandoned.

Старый храм на камнях в Хампи.

Old Stone Temple in Hampi.

Here are a few temples still stand, including the Krishna temple complex, Shrine temples and Chandramaleshvar Ramachandra and Hazara Rama. On this site there are also hundreds of other remains of buildings, including stables, water structures, temples and Royal complexes.

«Hampi is a stunning complex of magnificent temples and other structures, installed along the picturesque river bank», said Michael, who calls it as «the dramatic testimony of one of the oldest civilizations of the Earth».

Храм Вирупакша в Хампи.

Virupaksha temple at Hampi.

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