Пять не распознанных мировых сокровищ

26 Сентябрь, 2014


Хампи: Индия впечатляет. Фото: Хайо Шац Источник: Фликр.

Хампи: Индия впечатляет. Photo: Хайо Шац Источник: Фликр.

ПУСТЬ толпы туристов роятся в самых известных в мире чудесах света, вместо этого мы вам предлагаем посетить эти менее известные, но невероятных места.

Вы не будете разочарованы.

Это именно то, что хочет путешественник со стажем, такой как вы.

You have already hiked to Machu Picchu and climbed down and up and down stairs at thousands of great wall? You also already stood in AWE in front of the Temple of St. Sophia and the Taj Mahalom?

If you all have seen this, you are similar to Tony Wheeler, who co-founded the travel company «Lonely Planet» more 40 years ago. As you, He visited most of the major world wonders and almost everything else, It's worth a look.



Wheeler and his colleague Vince researcher Michael, the head of the World Heritage Fund (UNESCO), always looking for little known hidden places on the planet. They claim, that people, consider themselves travelers must visit Angkor Wat and the Hagia Sophia. If you have not been – go there.

We all know about Angkor Wat. But there must be something else.

But you don't want to explore places, that seen for each? That's why CNN asked Michael and Wheeler, members of the Board of the World Heritage Fund, collect and explore some hidden gems. This is the place, where we hope, you won't be constantly face in their journey with thousands of other travelers.

«Who did not see the photos and read about the Angkor Wat in Cambodia?», said Wheeler. «But both Banteay Chmar nachet / Banteay Chhmar? This unknown place, and discover the unknown always delightfully.

The same is true for the Taj Mahal in India. No one disappointed, When he sees the Taj for the first time, but almost all have seen this place in photos. His show in television programs and movies so often, that when you see it actually, it's no longer so surprising. But Hampi will be completely unexpected.».


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