The longest flight route in the world

24 Октябрь, 2013


Aerial view of Qantas planes at Sydney. Photo: AAP/Dean Lewins

Do you think, Your flight was long? Well, Think again – and prepare! This way the Australian airline takes 17 hours and 13 700 Kilometers.

Flights to the longest commercial flight in the world begin with the airline Qantas / Qantas next month, at the same time, Singapore Airlines will end its flight besposadochnomu flights between Singapore and Newark next year, at a distance of about 15 300 Kilometers.

It follows from this, that will be canceled and a bit shorter route between Singapore and Los Angeles on weekends. The two routes Singapore-Newark and Singapore-Los Angeles involved gas-guzzling airplanes Ajerbasy A340-500.

The airline has found the only way to make the route profitable by add-ins in the plane 98 Business class seats, which are sold at a price of about $ 8000. Other airlines, performing such flights, have on Board about 250 seats in the first, business and economy classes.



Flight from Newark, located right near New York, in Singapore takes about 18 Hours. The journey from Los Angeles is 12900 km, that on 2400 kilometers shorter, but longer time and occupies 18 hours and 30 Minutes.

Headwind over the Pacific Ocean slow flight from Los Angeles, while the flight to Newark is over the North Pole and therefore is faster.

The flight to Newark is the longest flight range in the world, a flight to Los Angeles holds the record for the length of. Flights began in 2004 Year.

After the cancellation of flights new flight will be the longest route of Australian airline Qantas between Sydney and Dallas – which is approximately 13 700 kilometers is the longest in distance and flight of the Delta / Delta between Johannesburg and Atlanta, which is 17 Hours will be the longest time.


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