SkUber: Uber announces new service underwater taxi

23 Май, 2019


When it comes to rajdsheringa, кажется, that almost anything is possible. Firstly, This flying machine in Sydney, Second – helicopters in Dubai. But the new Scuber Ridehare is a truly epic mode.

If you are willing to spend 3000 dollars for the trip, This way of transport with the Uber-can be the most exciting, Although expensive, from all, that you have ever committed.
This unique experience is ideal for people, who want to see, that lives under the waves, but not interested in, Learn to dive.

New ScUber takes you under water

Known as ScUber, This rajdshering is the first of its kind and offers tourists the unfiltered lens for underwater icons of Australia – The great barrier reef.

Travel service on submarines, which started in Monday, 27 may the great barrier reef, will cost you a pretty penny, and will only be available for riders, that could leave the island Heron, off the coast of Gladstone in the Region of the southern great barrier reef.

The great barrier reef is full of color and life, pending examination.



At a bargain price in 3000 dollars for two passengers – along 1500 dollars for each – You can book a service directly in the mobile application Uber. You and your friend will bring to the island on a submarine and summarily ScUber such travel time will take exactly one hour.

Passengers will dive to a maximum 30 Metres away – at about the same levels, which reach advanced divers – with 180° view of the most recognizable in Australia World Heritage site on battery-powered submarine.

Due to, that submarine, which can accommodate two passengers and the pilot, does not use the movement of INTERNAL-COMBUSTION ENGINE (internal combustion engine), It will not have a negative impact on the reef. According to representatives of Ubera, they will donate the same amount for travel for a group to save the reef within the framework of the program "Citizens of the great barrier reef" with every booking travel.

Extension: New unusual service Uber for $3000, Part 2

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