Tips for tourists: How to save on travel?

11 Октябрь, 2019


There are some useful rules, to help make your journey literally in any direction much cheaper.


And the first of these is that, that the cost of tickets doesn't always depend on whether, how many of them were sold. The day of the week and the time of booking are also important very often. If you can't, к примеру, buy flights by day, Try to search for them early in the morning or even at night.

Accommodation and accommodation

And here's the the, who wants to save on accommodation, you should be careful.. Very often lose such tourists in the comfort level of a hotel room or service. If you can't afford to rent a hotel apartment, Look out for more affordable hostels. However, get ready for that, that you will live like in a subway car!



Another version of that, how to save on travel - it's to choose to travel on night trains and buses. Judge for yourself, you'll be able to sleep in them, But you don't have to pay for the night. The main thing is to stock up on warm things in advance, player with music, inflatable pillow and plaid.

If you're going to sail a ship to get to a certain point, you can safely give up the cabin, which is included in the default price. You can lie down for the night on the guest sofa in the panoramic hall. Not too convenient, But it's cheap.


Food - most tourists and travelers spend a lot of money on it. Especially when visiting unfamiliar cities. After all, about a cafe with tasty and inexpensive food in this case you can only dream. We also recommend that you take care of everything in advance, and make an action plan. Find out, where the locals eat, к примеру, on the forum and lay your route according to these power points. Отметим, that the cost of eating in restaurants on the central streets and near the sights is always consistently high. Also bypassed is empty and almost empty cafes. To distinguish Aboriginal people from tourists, it is possible to, that the first don't carry cameras.


If you want to save money on your journey, another option is to bring a travel companion. Remember that the, A what, к примеру, It is much more profitable to rent a room for two guests in the hotel, than per person. At the same time, you should be wary of possible conflicts. After all, they can spoil your long-awaited holiday. Our main advice is that, so that you don't forget about the financial gain, that you want to have fun and have a good time. Stock up on a great mood and a desire to have fun.





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