Стамбул побил Сидней и был признан лучшим местом для поездки

26 Апрель, 2014


The city of Istanbul in Turkey.

День рождения Принца Джорджа, it seems, helped London find themselves in the spotlight of this city was awarded third place in the list of the best places in the world for tourists.

Australian cities were not able to login in the top-10 best 25 places to travel, which was drawn by "trip Adviser» / «Trip Advisor» на основании отзывов миллионов туристов. Стамбул был признан лучшим местом назначения, а на втором месте оказался Рим.

Лондон также опередил два города, who held leading positions in the list 2013 of the year – Paris and New York, that moved at 7 and 12 places respectively. Fourth in world list became Beijing, Prague fifth and Marrakech in Morocco the sixth.

Пресс-секретарь «Трип Адвайзер» Джеймс Кей признал королевскую привлекательность Лондона, но сказал, что привлекательность этого города намного шире.

«These awards received cities based on a million reviews and ratings by those, whose opinion really matters – the travelers themselves», сказал он.

«There is no doubt, the birth of the child of Royal blood helped save the world to London in 2013 year, but the appeal of the English capital with tourists worldwide, superior to any one, though such an important event ".



so, Here is a list of top 25 the world's best destinations for travel on site "trip Adviser»:

1. Istanbul, Turkey
2. Rome, Italy
3. Лондон, England
4. Beijing, China
5. Prague, Czech Republic
6. Marrakech, Morocco
7. Paris, France
8. Hanoi, Vietnam (New)
9. Siem Reap, Cambodia
10. Shanghai, China
11. Berlin, Germany
12. Нью-Йорк, New York
13. Florence, Italy

Colorful area of La Boca in Buenos Aires in Argentina.

14. Buenos Aires, Argentina, Argentina
15. Barcelona, Spain
16. Санкт-Петербург, Russia
17. Дубай, United Arab Emirates (New)
18. Chicago, Illinois
19. Cape Town, South Africa
20. Bangkok, Thailand
21. Budapest, Hungary (New)

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

22. Sydney, Australia


23. Lisbon, Португалия (New)
24. Chiang Mai, Thailand
25. San Francisco, California




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