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11 February, 2014


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We are talking about 10 destinations worldwide, that got the largest increase of positive feedback and interest in travelers this year, in accordance with trip Advizor / Tripadvisor.

Margaret Reeve / Margaret River was on the second place in the list 10 the best places are on the rise in the South Pacific.

Christchurch in New Zealand overtook, and in third place another flashpoint Western Australia – Brum.

List of top-10 is part of a global list of versions of the Travellers Choice Awards 2013 for directions on the rise, recently published.
Havana Cuba is destination No. 1 among the top 10 such places in the world, then there is La Fortuna de San Carlos in Costa Rica and Kathmandu in Nepal.

When the list is considered the best tourist places in Asia, Europe, South America and United States.



Director General of tourism in Havana August Margaret River, said, they are very happy to receive the award.

«It speaks about the reality of our goal, to make the city as a future hot spot for travelers and will help put us on the map globally», she said.

Top 10 best places in the South Pacific

1. Christchurch, Новая Зеландия
2. Margaret River
3. Brum
4. Rotorua, Новая Зеландия
5. Surfer Paradas
6. Канберра
7. Pokolbin
8. Alice Springs
9. Dunedin, Новая Зеландия
10. Taupo, Новая Зеландия

Margaret River got into this list.

Top 10 best places in the world

1. Havana, Cuba
2. Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica
3. Kathmandu, Nepal
4. Jerusalem, Israel
5. Cusco, Peru
6. Ambergris Caye, Belize
7. Sapporo, Japan
8. Hanoi, Viet Nam
9. Corralejo, Spain
10. Fortaleza, Brazil

Cuzco in Peru is one of the perspective directions, for tourists in 2014 Year.

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