Турция будет строить самый большой аэропорт в мире, несмотря на споры

25 June, 2014


Конструкция нового аэропорта в Стамбуле.

Конструкция нового аэропорта.

ТУРЦИЯ пообещала продвигаться вперед и строить то, что может стать одним из самых больших аэропортов в мире в нарушение постановления суда остановить проект по экологическим соображениям.

The Court last month suspended work on the third Istanbul Airport after, as local residents and environmental groups filed a lawsuit, arguing, that the project will cause serious environmental damage Wednesday, the newspaper Hurriyat Conference.

But Transport Minister Lutfi says Elvan, that suspension will not prevent the construction of the airport in a heavily wooded area near Lake Terkos, in 50 kilometres north of Istanbul.

«This decision caused only a temporary suspension pending a formal environmental impact report Wednesday. In any case, this will not affect the construction of the airport «, Elvan said.

Minister of environment and urban development Wednesday Idris Gjuljus said, that his Ministry will appeal the decision, Said, «We believe, that is the actual error», without going into details.

«No one must come to the conclusion, that such a world famous Turkey project as the construction of the airport, will be stopped», сказал он.

Court asked to prepare a report on the plans and construction experts, expected, will make the final decision on the fate of the project during the year.

Turkish joint venture Consortium, Cengiz Colin Limak Mapa Kalion, won the tender for the project in May last year after the, as proposed to on bids 22 млрд. euro (33 млBillion for 25-year lease, construction and operation of the planned airport.



The first phase of construction is scheduled for completion within four years, and the total expected, that the airport can handle up to 150 million passengers per year, When will it be built in full 2018 Year.

The main airport of Istanbul Atatürk quickly reached design capacity, When he received a record leap in the number of passengers on 16,7 per cent in 2012 Year, that indicates, that the new airport could transform the city into a major Aviation Center.

The increase was the largest in Europe this year, According to the international air transport association (IATA).

The second airport of Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen, which began its activity in 2001 Year, eased some of the pressure on Ataturk.

The third airport in Turkey's biggest city will compete with the International Airport of Dubai, Al Maktoum, which opened last October and, expected, After all, be able to handle 160 Million. passengers per year.

Airline Turkish Airlines Director-General, in which 49% shares owned by the State and which connects Istanbul with more than 200 destinations worldwide, was adamant on the need for a third airport.

«Us, of course, can not do without a third airport. It is impossible to even imagine something like this. I see this as a temporary phenomenon «, Temel Kotil said.

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