Australia has submitted an application for Chempionata mira Cup 2022

25 August, 2010


Aвстрaлия пoдaлa зaявку нa прoвeдeниe Чeмпиoнaтa мирa пo футбoлу-2022 Avstraliyskaya zayavka nA Chempionat mira 2022 g. Last time was proverena FIFA nA sootvetstvie etalonam etoy ogranizatsii.

Proverka Futbolnoy Federatsii Avstralii (FFA) и ee зaявки нa ЧМ-2022 былa нaчaтa ФИФA пoслe утвeрждeний o нeпoдoбaющeм пoвeдeнии aвстрaлийскиx футбoльныx чинoвникoв, o chem soobschalos kontse in June and July nachale.


Voprostsy to FFA voznikli of za-o disk imaging podarkax From mestnyx funktsionerov, izgotovlennyx rukovoditel FIFA, and utverzhdenii o tom, chto federalnoe pravitelstvo bylo vvedeno into thinking big bonus football consultants.

But, oposlya that as a government inquiry is not so long since cleared the FFA of a hard-hitting practice, FIFA also praised the changes.

Manager Ben Buckley said the FFA: "Later we were cleared of all unnecessary federal government, then independent auditors, and now FIFA ".

"Now we can concentrate on our proposal to hold the most tremendous sporting event in the world 2022 g. in Australia ".

Court recently began hearing FFA against The Age newspaper for libel.

Among the allegations was that The Age, that the wife of the vice-president of FIFA Jack Warner FFA last year, oposlya order, began as a formal bid on applications, gave a pearl necklace.

Other FIFA officials and their wives gave pearl cufflinks and necklaces by private dinner at the FIFA Congress in Sydney in May 2008 was, eight months before, as the beginning of the official campaign on demand, and candidates were united, ethical.

FFA said, that Warner's wife later gave necklace, because she was not present at the Congress in 2008 g.

FIFA allows candidates to host the World to make gifts of "symbolic value or not be established, which is incompatible with at least some influence on the decision regarding the tenders ".

Having studied the situation with Australia, FIFA last week changed the rules of, as the applicant countries to host the FIFA World Cup can approach 24 Members of the Executive Committee of FIFA - the, who chooses the media World Cup.

All commands on applications currently have to write before FIFA, explaining, why they should be given access to these 24 participants or their city associations.

The delegation of FIFA inspectors will visit Australia next week during a two-month tour of 9 countries, To apply for the World Cup 2018 and 2022 he.

Inspectors should examine a number of stadiums, Hotels, training centers and other infrastructure.

The delegation then report back 24 Board members, which will announce the tournament hosts 2018 and 2022 he. in Zurich 2 December 2010 g.

World Cup 2018, expected, will be held in Europe, leaving Australia to fight for World Cup 2022 in Japan, Катаром, South Korea and the United States.



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