Curling: Gold medals went to Australia and Japan

26 August, 2013


Japan and Australia zavevali NZ Winter Games gold medals for the Audi Quattro in the curling tournament yesterday late in the evening. Japan won the men's Gold Medal with a score of 10-3 the match with New Zealand, which zavevala silver, . Korea took the bronze medal as the loser in the semifinals.

The final blow of the stone ensured Australia gold medals in mixed doubles with a score 7-6 against New Zealand «And», but China won bronze.
To date, two silver medals in Team New Zealand are the best result in the World Cup hosts in the three Winter Games Tournament.

After losing the first two of the three games, Japanese men gathered and showed an impressive sports and debugging work on ice, to record in his eighth victory asset.
«We are very pleased to, that win here, in Naseby», said Japanese skip, Yusuke Morozume. «It was a great event, and for us it is very important, especially in the run-up to the Olympic Games».



In the mixed doubles final last stone Australia launched Eve Belisle decided the outcome of the match against team NZ «And» and the fate of gold medals. The stone hit the right spot and brought Australia won 7-6.

Partner Eve to play Steve Jones said after the match: «I think, that we have stepped up our game in round robin. We played together for the first time, so some time we needed, to get used to each other in the game.»

In the Maniototo brother and sister Sean and Bridget Becker won silver medals, as Team New Zealand «And».
"We really played well», said Bridget. «Of course, We would have preferred gold. Sean played amazingly all week, He's a great partner «.
Men's team Japan, Korea and New Zealand will meet in the next few months in German Bavaria to undergo Olympic qualification . The top two teams from there will determine the final composition 10 Commands, who will fight next year in Sochi Winter Olympics.

Final standings:
Men 1 Japan, 2 НЗ, 3 Корея, 4 China, 5 Australia, 6 НЗ «And»
Mixed Doubles 1 Австралия, 2 NC «And», 3 China, 4 NZL, 5 Japan, 6 Velirobritaniya, 7 Австралия » &lAustralia

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