Olympics in Melbourne and Sochi, some historical parallels

20 Июль, 2013




В далеком 1956 году в австралийском Мельбурне проходили XVI летние Олимпийские игры. Многим любителям спорта игры 1956 года запомнились как «Олимпиада Владимира Куца». Famed Soviet athlete won just two wins in the women's ranges 5000 and 10000 meters, setting all them new Olympic records.
It is in Melbourne, the most titled athlete of all time (in 2012 year joined American swimmer Michael Phelps) the brilliant Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina first became absolute Olympic champion, having won Olympic gold in the floor exercises, vault and team competition. And gymnast Viktor Chukarin became Melbourne absolute Olympic champion twice.
Total Soviet athletes won in Australia 37 Gold, 29 Silver and 32 Bronze, that is, the. total 98 medals and won in an unofficial standings, far ahead of United States, Australia and other mills participating in games.
Many Australian newspapers wrote, that one day games was «Golden hour Soviet sport», When within an hour under the arches of the Olympic Stadium 11 times sounded anthem of the Soviet Union.
Another interesting fact is that the, that the Soviet delegation delivered in Melbourne from Vladivostok on the ship and also on the ship went back in the USSR. Sail had more than a month, and then on two special trains Soviet athletes marched triumphantly across the country with stops at every station, where they were greeted by many people with flowers, congratulations, pies, verses and slogans.
Of course, in those years the body of broadcasts of the Olympic Games in the USSR did not exist. Yes actually and TVs in our country were in those days few «elected».
But in May of this year, the IOC signed a contract with the Australian television channel "channel 10" on the transfer of rights to broadcast the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014.
Australia is expected to send more than in Sochi 50 athletes, that this country will be the largest in number of team in the history of the winter games.




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