Seven hot reasons to be in the Australian city of the nearest weekend

12 October, 2015


Cтадион MCG в Мельбурне.

The famous MCG Stadium will ROAR into this Saturday. Фото: Tim Karrafa

In Australia there are one city, which will be really hot this weekend, and we're not just talking about the weather. Here are seven reasons, Why is it so.

4. Entertainment

"Vjorzhn Australia" also promises to deliver whole Pleiad of pop stars at the grand finale. Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams, famous for his hit «Summer» 69 » and English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding will be singing for fans in the preliminary game show, and then participate in post-match concert free of charge. Also announced, Chris Isaak will also participate in the third act of the pre-match show.

Press Secretary "Vjorzhn Australia" Michael Scott said, the airline wants to make a real celebration at the Stadium during AFL Finals MCG.

«Vjorzhn brand has a long tradition in organizing recreational activities, и мы знаем, how important is a good atmosphere in the day grand finale».

Canadian Bryan Adams invited, to illuminate the scene with his presence.

5. Richmond



If you can't or don't want to get into the stadium, the next best thing is a Richmond. Located next to MCG, This trendy inner-city suburb of Melbourne has a number of drinking establishments and restaurants, can satisfy any appetite.

Enjoy a drink at the London Tavern, Richmond Club Hotel, Swan Hotel or Hotel of Prince Alfred. Go grab a snack in the Mitmazer, Bar the meat ball and Wine, Fonda Mexican or Feast of Merit.

6. Open doors day MCG

MCG opens its doors after holding the grand final match in Sunday. The public can go out into the field and popinat ball, and also take a look at the Stadium from the inside, including, usually closed to the general public places, including changing rooms for players, restrooms, etc..

MCG Stadium opens its doors to all comers on the day following the Grand Finala2015. Фото: Mark Stewart

7. In Melbourne there are a lot of things, It's worth a look, In addition to football

If you get into Melbourne this weekend (Yes, and at any other time too), It is recommended that you do not dwell solely on football. Be sure to visit the National Gallery of Victoria and look at the masterpieces of the Hermitage: The Legacy Of Catherine The Great. Or take a closer look at the life of a famous pop star David Bowie, the exposition presented at ACMI (Australian Centre For Cinema-Photos).

Discover the unknown art galleries in Melbourne and join in the round called the "walk to art for fans», and look at the city's streets through the eyes of local artists, visiting Melbourne street art tour ".

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