Каникулы в Новой Зеландии: little-known gems of the country

16 Ноябрь, 2013


Lake Pukaki / Pukaki.

New Zealand has long been a world-famous birthplace of the world's best wine "Sauvignon Blanc", hobbits and Rugby, but there is still little-known, and a variety of natural beauties, who are willing to explore those, Who knows, where to look.


Lake Pukaki / Pukaki

Found at the base of the glacier series, along the northern edge of the Mackenzie Bay – Lake Pukaki is the largest of the three mysterious Lakes. So it is called, because it has a very distinctive, bright blue color, the result of the presence in its waters and around in many ice crumbs, incredibly finely shredded particles glaciers.



Dark Sky Reserve Aoraki Mackenzie

Аораки Маккензи Заповедник Темного Неба / Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve

This place has the highest Mackenzie Basin in the world rating of ecological purity of the air and is the largest reserve in the exploration of celestial bodies in the southern hemisphere. Area of the reserve is 4300 square kilometers and includes pristine unspoilt Aoraki Mount Cook National Park and the village of Twizel, near Lake Tekapo, located away from any pollutants Wednesday.

Due to the high air purity, Here is the scientific Observatory New Zealand at Mount John. And here come not only to scientists and researchers from around the world, sky, but ordinary tourists, to be able to explore the southern sky in all its magnificence and purity. It is here that, like nowhere else in the world, developed awareness-raising programmes to ASTRO-tourism and are conducted day and night tours at Mount John Observatory.

Come here, to see the Magellanic Clouds, neighbouring galaxies of the milky way, which are only visible in the southern hemisphere, or to observe the growth phase of the Matariki star cluster, which symbolizes the beginning of the Maori new year.

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