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16 January, 2014


They seemed to speak English. Queenstown is located on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, next to it is an Alpine resort.

That, that looks like Norway, is one of the greatest winemaking regions in the world, and is only a three hour flight away from Sydney, but the locals seemed to speak English.


World-famous hamburgers Fergburger attract many customers especially in the morning hours.

This Queenstown, Новая Зеландия, He is known as a city of sports, capital and adventure, but increasingly, gets a reputation as objective travel for food and wine.


Теперь, When the airline Air New Zeland / Air New Zealand has introduced direct flights, Here you can fly three hours from Sydney, and for two and a half from Melbourne and without problems to arrive at the tiny airport.

Once in the city, which on one hand is part of the ski resort, and, on the other part of the fjord you will see stunning scenery with mountain views, called Remarkebls / Remarkables. Other attractions are the restaurants, Bars, and even strip club.


And if you try very much, It will even be able to understand, as the locals say.

Located in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown is positioned as «the best Alpine Resorts in the southern hemisphere with the Lake available all four seasons».

Origins of Queenstown is obliged to order, There were found rich deposits of "green stone or jade, having a great influence on the cultural and artistic development of the local Maori.

Maori continued expeditions into the area until 19 Ages.

Vineyards in Peregrine / Peregrine around Queenstown produce one of the finest wine "Pinot Noir" in the world.


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