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21 December, 2019


Окленд – largest city, located in the north-west of New York. This beautiful city, founded by the British, has a population 1,53 million people. Auckland is a very important scientific and cultural, as well as the economic center. The city is the cradle of industry, Shipbuilding is thriving here, chemical and metal plants, but the automotive and food industries are also important.


Auckland areas are well connected, communication between them provides a bus, rail and ferry transport. These services are provided by a variety of companies, responsible for transporting people. It is also home to the largest airport in New York., located in just one of 20 kilometers from the city centre. Every year the airport serves millions of passengers.

Culture and science



Culture and science are also important for the city's development. It is home to well-known colleges and universities, such as Polytechnic and the University of Auckland. The latter is the largest university and the most outstanding research institution in the whole country. 40 000 students have the opportunity to study in many interesting areas, For example, Architecture, Medicine, IT, Pharmacy and music.


Окленд – city, Which is usually warm, temperatures fluctuate on average from 14 before 24 ° C, but sometimes there are jumps. In the upper reaches, it can reach 30 ° C, temperatures can also drop even lower 0 ° C. Summer and winter are usually warm and humid.°c


Auckland also has excellent architectural, historic buildings, art galleries and famous museums. The Museum of Transport and Technology is one of the most famous. As an important centre of different areas of life, Auckland offers many interesting attractions and opportunities for both residents, and visitors. It develops cooperation with other important global centres, it is a partner city for: Los Angeles, USA, Brisbane in Australia or Busan in South Korea.

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