Australians eat, drink and smoke more, than Americans!

9 Сентябрь, 2013


The study below, they are not as obvious, What do you think.
You would think, that as the most obese nation in the world, Americans spend the most money on food. But they, curiously enough, 19th in the list of developed countries, residents who spend the most cash on food.

Huffington Post Internet Portal, calculated the amount of money, which residents in different countries spent on food at home, Restaurants, alcohol and tobacco products in 2012 Year, using data, received from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and International Euromonitoring.

That's amazing, but Australia beat the U.S.!

Australians took the number 3 in the list of countries, which were analyzed and America was the 19th after countries such as Italy (№ 12), France (№ 15) и самых больших едоков в мире из Швейцарии (№ 1).

Australian on average spent $ 7277 on food in 2012 Year, compared to the amount in $ 4431, per average American.



Australians spent $ 3814 on products at home, $ 2131 for restaurant dishes and $ 1331 tobacco and alcohol.
And, besides, as it turned out, residents of the "Green Continent" have a special weakness for fried chicken – Australians spent $ 120 (On average) chicken fast food restaurants. This is, absolutely, the highest rate in comparison to any country of the respondents.

So what is the reason of such statistics?

Some people believe, it explains the time-tested economic concept called Engel's Law, who says, that the super-rich countries, such as America, Usually, people spend a smaller and smaller share of their income on food, as they become richer and richer.

Plus, many European countries are paying more taxes on food, and high wages is pushing up the cost of restaurant meals.

Maybe Ozzie just really love most in the world love to enjoy their weekly chicken and beer in the pub?

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