Australian cities in the top half of the list-10

30 Август, 2013


According to the analytical and research center EIU, Headquartered in London, almost half of the list of the best cities in the world located in Australia. In the annual reports published by the EIU at the top of the long and firmly established Australian Melbourne. Australian cities such as Adelaide, Perth and Auckland are also in the top 10. Of the European cities in the top ten included only Vena and Helsinki. Three Canadian cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary were also among the top ten to live in..

The main criteria for the selection of cities are such indicators as stability, level of medical care, level of culture, environmental quality, the level of education of residents and the possibilities for obtaining it and the compliance of urban infrastructure with modern standards of life.

Всего в рейтинге исследовались 140 городов мира по 100-бальной системе.

Но фактически, по словам редактора отчета Джона Коупстэка, the most important criterion for the level of attractiveness of the city is the safety of life in it.



So it's no surprise, what are such cities, as Tehran, Tripoli, Karachi, Cairo and Damascus, which are currently hot spots and where armed conflicts are taking place, hostilities are being waged and blood is being shed, were in last place on the list.

In this article, we reported on the possibility of a military invasion of the West in Syria because of alleged use of chemical weapons by the authorities against the rebels.

Many cities in the Middle East and North Africa in recent years have become unattractive for life.

Also hard hit rating of many European cities due to lower standards of living there.

But there are exceptions in the list, such as Bogota in Colombia in recent years sharply raised its rating, after the authorities have managed to win the local drug cartels and stop the abduction of children.

This is also interesting:



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