New «Titanic 2″ построит австралийский миллиардер в 2016 Year.

23 Май, 2013


Миллиардер из Австралии Клайв Палмер, who is going to build a "Titanic 2" (a copy of the Titanic) not so long ago said, that there are already wishing ready to go on the new super ocean liner in a six-day cruise. They really have to pay for this order 1 Million $. According to the plans Palmer liner to be built by 2016 Year. The exact cost of tickets are not yet known.

At a press conference, which took place in New York billionaire has shown the public drawings of the new Titanic. Vessel dimensions are the same as its predecessor: length 270 Metres away, and it will weigh 40 thousands of tons. The liner will have nine decks which will house a total of 850 Cabins. Capacity will be 2,6 thousands of people apart from the team and staff, and it is no less, and more 900 person. In the event of evacuation on the liner will be 18 lifeboats, this should be sufficient, to accommodate 3,5 Thousands of people, Ie. all persons on board.

New Titanic is almost a complete copy of its predecessor, Which one, known, in its first and only voyage sank 14 April 1912 as a result of a collision with an iceberg in the North Atlantic on the way from England to the USA. On the day of 2224 person, on board ship, managed to escape only 710.



However, the new Titanic will have some minor differences from the prototype. Palmer also reported, that all future passengers of "Titanic 2″ get costumes since the Titanic, which are included in the cost of travel.

The draft of the new superliner designed by the Finnish company «Deltamarin», who assured all, A what «Titanic 2″ the safest in the world jetliner in its class.

After the first flight, expected, new liner will have to continue to walk the route from Southampton to New York, on a regular basis.

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