Australia - the most generous country in the world!

30 Август, 2013


According to the latest survey of the famous CAF Charity Foundation (Charities Aid Foundation) Australia won the first place in the world of Philanthropy last WGI index, 2012 year.
This means, that the Australians more than anyone else in the world are involved in charity.

The index of the WGI is composed by multiple criteria, such as, what amount of money donated by residents, How many people are involved in volunteer work and % population, that is ready to help the stranger gratis.
Only ranking explores about 150 countries.

In the past, 2011 year first place United States, and in 2010 two countries – Australia and New Zealand.

In countries such as Australia, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Thailand more 70% the population regularly donates money to charity.



In the UK most often is carried out by the Organization and conduct of seminars and studies, devoted to charity.

At the same time, Russia and former CIS countries Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, along with underdeveloped African countries are at the bottom of the list for the first criterion. In these countries only 7% population engaged in charity money.

However, not all so bad in Russia. She along with some BRIC (China and Brazil) placed in the top-10 ranking WGI population donated him his work, that is, the. волонтеров. Russia occupies 8th place with 21 млн. волонтероVolunteers_" id="tr_0" data-token="0JHRgNCw0LfQuNC70LjRjyA5LdC1" data-source="">Бразилия 9-е, India 2-e, China 4-e. And first place in the number of volumillion took to the United States 105 млн. Man.

If we consider the number of volunteers, donating your labor is not in absolute numbers, as a percentage of the total population of the country, then on the first places in the ranking by the former Soviet republics - Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, along with Liberia, occupy the third place on this indicator.

By the way, namely Liberia and won the third criterion index WGI - 81% the population of this country are ready to help a stranger.




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