Australia stopped the investigation in respect of the founder of the site «WikiLeaks» Julian Assange

13 January, 2011


Australian police have stopped the investigation against the founder of the site «WikiLeaks»  Juliana Assange, who was suspected of violating Australian laws.

Representatives of the Federal Police in Canberra Stated: «After studying the documents and materials, Related to activities «Викиликс», we found no evidence of their criminal or other activities that would violate Australian law., which would violate Australian law». However, federal police officials said., that in case of disclosure by the site «Викиликс» new scandalous information, investigation in Australia against Julian Assange can be resumed again.WikiLeaks



The completed investigation was conducted at the initiative of the government of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who called earlier the actions of the Australian-born Assange; «irresponsible and potentially illegal». «Despite that, that the investigation into Assange's website has now yielded no results, Australia continues to be concerned about illicit proliferation «WikiLeaks» secret documents», – stressed Mcclelland.
According to Prosecutor General Robert Makklellanda, as disclosed by this site documents relate to American diplomatic correspondence, the United States have jurisdiction for investigative activities in relation «WikiLeaks».

The day before, Julian Assange was released after, how the High Court of London agreed today to release him on bail. Assange was released from custody hours after the court's decision, As the legal formalities took time to complete.

Speaking to reporters, Julian Assange stated:, that he intends to prove his innocence and refute suspicions of committing crimes of a sexual nature, because of which he was arrested in the UK at the request of Sweden. He also stated:, that will continue to work on the publication of confidential documents, in particular, U.S. Department of State correspondence, which was in the hands of the organization.

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