Australia – is the happiest country

27 Май, 2012


Organization for economic cooperation and development, OECD, component of life index by country, Australia recognized the "happiest country" giving Australia a deserved first place – Australia – the lucky country.

Australia led the OECD index of a better life thanks to the fact that Australia did not touch on the European economic crisis, the country has virtually full employment and is experiencing an economic boom, caused by high demand for minerals, that Australia is so rich.

Organization for economic cooperation and development, OECD, to rank the "quality of life" using 11 selection criteria, reytinguya 36 countries and in all respects, Australians went around to other developed countries around the world.

Selection is on such parameters, as housing conditions, employment, education, health, ecology, balance between work and life, etc.. UN data are used, Governments of the countries themselves, and other sources.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development does not seek to determine the country champion for quality of life, but if you give all 11 criteria of equal weight, Australia can really be considered "lucky country". At the heart of happiness - good performance Australian economy.

Causes of economic happiness Australia – steady demand for export primary products of the country - iron ore, bauxite and Australia's coal deposits.



Against this backdrop, the unemployment rate in April was 4,9% (that more than two times lower than the average for the EU, 10,9%, and significantly lower, than in the U.S. - 8,1%).

Employment among working-age population in Australia over 72%, while the average for OECD countries - 66%.

Australians in the lead in such subjective categories, as "satisfaction with their lives": in Australia the figure is 7,4 score on a scale (the average for the OECD- 6,7%).

Despite the political scandals, which in Australia has recently been set, 71% Australians have confidence in politicians is (the level of the OECD on average much lower, 56%).

What exactly to be envied, is the assessment of Australians own health: 85% consider, that are in good health (the average in OECD countries - 70%).

And, for sure, Australian wife can be proud, that the average Australian woman spends a minimum of three hours per day for cooking, cleaning the house and raising children.

In the top ten "quality of life", after Australia, Norway are, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands, New Zealand and Luxembourg.





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