Australia entered the top 10 happiest countries in the world

13 Сентябрь, 2013


If you want to find happiness in your next vacation, then think about northern Europe.
Such data are shown in the "Report of the World Happiness 2013" / World Happiness REPORT, which included 156 Countries around the world, investigated on the basis of factors joy.

Denmark came out on top with a rating 7.693 of 10, followed by Norway (7,655), Switzerland (7,650) and the Netherlands (7,512).

Australia won 10 listed in 7,350, ahead of Israel and Costa Rica.

Russian this list of only 68 line 5,464 and was lower than those of the former Soviet Union, as Moldova (53 – 5,791), Kazakhstan (57 – 5,671), Туркменистан (59 – 5,628), Узбекистан (60 – 5,623) и Беларусь (66 -5,477).

Но при этом Россия обогнала такие, вроде бы благополучные европейские страны, как №70 Греция, №72 Эстония, №77 Турция, а также №80 Черногорию и №85 Португалию.

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Опрос был проведен в период между 2010 and 2012 годами для Организации Объединенных Наций с целью обеспечению устойчивого развития интернет сетей.



Это второй, unique of its kind report, issued by a group of researchers, including John F. Hellivellom from the University of British Columbia and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and Richard Layard of the London School of Economics.

They used data from the Gallup World Poll / Gallup World Poll to rank countries on the "happiness" by such indicators, as life expectancy, freedom to make choices in life, and social support.

The report showed, the world has become «a little happier and more generous in the past five years ". Nevertheless, economic and political turmoil affected the well-being in some countries.

Countries, who were at the very bottom of the list of happy, steel Togo, Бенин, Central African Republic, Burundi and Rwanda.

After a period of political instability, Egypt has been a decline in the greatest happiness, averaging 4,3 of 10 last year, по сравнению с 5,4 in 2007 year.

The authors propose to spend time on research, which countries are most mental illnesses, to determine the highest in the world «level of suffering».

Top 10 happiest countries in the world:

1. Denmark (7,693)
2. Norway (7,655)
3. Switzerland (7,650)
4. Netherlands (7,512)
5. Sweden (7,480)
6. Canada (7,477)
7. Finland (7,389)
8. Austria (7,369)
9. Iceland (7,355)
10. Australia (7,350)




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