Дан зеленый свет для строительства гигантской 274 м башни в деловом районе Брисбена

2 November, 2014


Брисбен Скайтауэр / Brisbane Skytower.

Draft Tower, known as the Brisbane Skajtaujer / SkyTower, that will be the tallest building in Brisbane.

The construction of the tallest building in Brisbane was given the green light, Tower height: 274 m estimated cost $ 1 Billion. USD.

План строительства высотной башни Скайтауер в Брисбене.

Construction of the tower is projected to require about five years.

No building in Brisbane may not have a height exceeding that mark, Since the Organization on civil aviation security limits the height of buildings, to avoid interfering with radar signals to aircraft. Expected, that this will be the third tallest building in Australia, After 322 meter high tower of Q1 on the Gold Coast and 297 meter Eureka Tower in Melbourne.

Project, formerly known as 111 + 222, will include 90-storey tower on at Margaret Street, 222 with 1100 apartments, as well as a 42-storey tower, height 131 m, on Mary Street, 111.

The smaller building is 4-5-stars, with more than 300 rooms and 95 apartments.

Café, Bars, Banquet Hall and retail stores, expected, will be built on the ground floor of the building, While at the top of the 90-storey building, currently being developed by Sydney development companies "Billbergia and AMP Capital, will «Heavenly playground for recreation».



Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said, that is a high calibre project, and that the building will be «stunning landmark building».

«Residents of the towers will be located within walking distance from the city's Botanical Garden, popular dining and entertainment, such as Queen St Mall and Eagle St Pier in the busiest area of Brisbane,» сказал он.

Forecast to construction will take five years.

This is the third attempt to build a high-rise in this place.

In March 2005 year, It was suggested that the construction of the 72-story residential and office building, While in March 2007 year approved 70-storey building Species, Although, This project was later cancelled.

Project 111 + 222, with the construction of a 90-story tower was first approved in November 2011 year, but had a very different plan, He assumed the construction of the 37-storey commercial buildings and 90-storey hotel and apartment house.

Проект 111+222 в Брисбен, Австралия.

Artistic reconstruction towers on Margaret Street, 222 and Mary Street, 111 in Brisbane's business district.

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