Фестиваль Surfing Australia

7 Июль, 2010




Фeстивaль Surfing AustraliaMotto Festival: "Nickelodeon's E. Pzdno usostystvovвit вeфнe in Snrfign's.!».

Oн prihлashaet всex vзosyыx Сefinhystov лифo сostyo zheliyushchie Aзaaunga. How to "Ottachivayu мastrstвa" build at High Performance Centre (HPC) In Trzcie Vaho Aвgusta.

HPC has the best and world-renowned programs to teach all the master surfing techniques.. These courses are available for surfers of all levels and abilities;.

On the beautiful beach of Casuarina, in 15 Min. south of the Gold Coast, free campsites will be organized for festival participants, which will be held with 1 along 31 Augusta 2010 G.

Cole Berry (South Coast, NSW), Recent HPC Camp participant, Told, how invaluable experience and knowledge is achieved by participants learning to surf at the festival: "I can't put into words, how grateful to the coaches!».

Not counting the constant practical training, surfing specialists will conduct video analysis and detailed master classes on safety techniques and first aid on the water.

Registration of participants has already begun!

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