Bolshoi Theatre in Brisbane

31 May, 2013


Лирический театр/Кливлендский центр исполнительских искусств

Lyric Theatre in Queensland

After 20-year hiatus, the troupe of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia gives tours on the Australian Earth. His first play "Le CORSAIRE" illustrious artists gave Hall the Lyric Theatre in Queensland.
Intended for Theater Hall 2100 seats was completely filled. The entire spectacle, which lasted nearly 3,5 hours from beginning to end was accompanied by ovations the spectators.



Сцена из балета "Корсар"

For the Australian public was presented with a fascinating story of the ballet "Le CORSAIRE" on sea robbers and their uniting its, who fell in love with a Turkish girl slave became the premiere. Delight and live audience reaction caused literally everything and the opening scene Bighead Oriental bazaar and solo and staging and Corps de ballet, but the most applause went to the course main soloists Gabta Maria Alexandrova and Vladislav Lantratovu. The play caused a complete sell-out.
It should also pay tribute to the excellent work of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra musicians, who created great music under the direction of conductor Pavel Sorokin Gabta.
All tickets for a tour of a large, until 9 June, sold out. And you already know, that the performances will come not only local art lovers, but the residents of outlying cities in Australia and even from other countries.
In Addition To The "Corsair", staging of which viewers will be able to enjoy another seven times, they will also be able to see the premiere of another performance – "The bright stream" to the music of Shostakovich. According to the organizer of the tour, the authoritative Australian producer Leo Scofield this comedic Ballet from kolkhoz life is also doomed to success among the Australian public. Play "bright stream", that will be shown 4 times Theater in Brisbane finish.



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